How Concealer Is Applied

The job of a concealer is to hide the things that we don’t want other people to see. But depending on what you want to hide and where it is on your face will determine what type of concealer you use and how you apply it. That’s exactly what we’re going to explore now!

To start with we need to pick the right concealer. Choose one that is up to but no more than 2 shades lighter than your current skin tone and that is also yellow based. Notice we said current skin tone… if your skin tone changes (you’ve been on holiday and have a tan) then you will need to get a different concealer that is up to but not more than 2 shades lighter than your tanned skin tone. You might end up looking like you’re wearing Halloween makeup if you go too light with the concealer.

If you’re just looking for general coverage and don’t have any specific areas that you would like to conceal then begin by adding a few dots to the inner corner of your eyes and underneath the eyes near the lower eyelashes. Tap the concealer in and blend well. Tapping is always better than rubbing. You can then continue with the same technique on other areas like your nose or chin. Wherever you would like to put it basically. Do this gradually and start with a ‘less is more’ approach. If need be, you can always apply another layer… we’re all seen the cake effect that can happen when concealer is applied a bit too liberally. Follow this up by taking a light and fluffy brush and use it to apply a light dusting of a loose powder to help set your look.

Now, if you have specific areas that you would like to cover then we’ll give some tips on how to manage them. We have listed some of the more common issues and have given very simple and brief (but effective) methods of application that will make your concealer work much better for you.

Dark Circles: To cover these don’t use a regular concealer. There are concealers designed specifically for this reason. Alternatively you can try a highlighting cream to create a more awake and alert looking eye.

Spots/pimples: For this, a good starting point is to apply a liquid bandage over the area to give a little extra protection and then gently building up layers of concealer. Don’t apply too heavily or you will just bring more attention to the area (something you’d like to avoid) and then follow this up by applying a translucent powder.

Scars: If you have scars on your face from acne then concealing them requires quite specific techniques of application. For a concave or pockmark scar you will need to take an angled brush and dip it in the concealer. For this choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin. Fill in the centre of the scar but be careful not to go over the edges. After this, dust the skin with a translucent powder. For hypertrophic or raised scars then we recommend using a concealer that is the same shade as your skin and apply it by patting the concealer on to the scar. This should be followed by a setting powder.

Redness around the nose: To hide any redness around your nose it is important to recognise that it is often the case that makeup will come off this area more quickly due to oil. Because of this it is important to use an oil absorbing setting powder and apply it after you apply your concealer. In the winter, if you get dry skin here then be sure to keep it moisturised.

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Can’t You Make Regular Exercise Compulsory In Your Daily Life?

An active aerobic exercise program implies more hectic work for the heart and lungs as you work out like during dance moves. The anaerobic indicates the compulsion for the heart and lungs to work harder like in bodybuilding. The aerobic idea of being a living entity in the presence of oxygen is a heartening sensation indeed and should provide the motivation to strive for better health and a positive lifestyle. The awe associated with extreme achievements like body building is the work of champions but the great majority of common folks would readily swallow the bitter pill of aerobics.

Many forms of aerobic exercise like walking require nothing more than a pair of appropriate shoes by way of investment but the returns are certainly very positive in terms of better health, burning calories and keeping the heart and lungs working hard. You end the exercise with a rush of happy feelings and a lot has happened with the regular practice. Aging has been kept at bay and longevity achieved. Better oxygen supply reaches the remote corners of the body. Metabolism has increased with the muscles being activated. The feeling of fullness is because of the additional oxygen. Immunity from several kinds of health problems like cold infections too is avoided by such a regular activity. The body warms up in colder climates. Stress relief is a crucial benefit especially in a world where tensions are responsible for too many mind and body problems.

Jogging and walking, cycling and swimming and martial arts too would be included in such a low-intensity aerobic exercise. You don’t really need the heavier stuff unless you nursed ambitions of becoming a weightlifter or bodybuilder and few suffer such dreams.

Considering all the advantages, why should the corporate employees not undertake such simple exercise on a regular basis, perhaps jointly within neighborhoods? Many extensive organizations do have their dedicated colonies of staff quarters. It would be comparatively easy there to organize such aerobic groups for sustained vigorous exercise as a company health club under a manager and treasurer. Occasional picnics or jaunts with families with packed lunch would promote community feeling and the kids would enjoy the spirit too.

What other medical benefits could you derive from aerobic exercise?

• Cardiovascular function improves
• Blood triglyceride increase
• Good HDL in the blood improves
• Heart rate and blood pressure are lowered
• Lactic acid that causes muscle burning is reduced
• Glucose burning reduces diabetes risks
• Depression is controlled, sleep is helped
• Weight loss is adequately achieved

Maybe the elderly have reasons to be lethargic because age usually indicates the rise of disease but even the youth and middle aged nowadays lacks the motivation to exercise. The electronic media of the internet added to the sensations of the age-old television have added to the sofa and bed habit. Instead of reading books like the older generation did, the new youth manipulates tablets and smartphones in search of salvation.

A regular hour of exercise diligently done thrice a week would maintain the body, mind, and soul as fresh as a child. A world of health advantages would follow but we take things for granted and would rather not burn those calories if we can idle around and experience electronic wonders. Lifestyles are changing with the earlier woodcutting, agriculture and firewood collection in the village areas that still continues in remoteness. We need some of those rough and tough measures to fulfill a vigorous health to see us through the dark days.

Since you have a sea of choices of aerobic exercise, get down to it! Keep the options open so that the group enjoys the flexibility. Imposing anything has its negative consequences when passions would fade after a few weeks. A survey would quickly reveal what exercise finds favor with the group. A sportsperson or physical trainer would help in setting the mood and arouse interest.

Besides the small budget that would oil the wheels of the aerobic exercise train, the venue is so very important. Many plans fail due to the absence of an ideal location. The company headquarters along with the garden or lawn could be a great combination of the indoor and outdoor activities with groups formed for regular exercise on appointed weekdays at specific time slots.

Are you ready to start the regimen maybe thrice a week for 30 minutes? It would be a good idea to consult with the family doctor unless you are in the pink of youth with bursting energy. It is possible that some issues may arise that had better be discussed beforehand. Especially the middle aged if they suffer from tobacco and alcohol habits may need to take it easy. Obesity could present problems too and those who had been inactive for too long may have some adjustment problems.

In any case, slow and steady like the tortoise wins the race and every session should start with warming up for a few minutes. The exercise period should start small too and gradually increase over weeks to 20 or 30 minutes. Wear appropriate clothes and shoes and observe periods of rest before and after the exercise, ending with stretching to avoid injury.

If the group opted for cycling, skiing or swimming, you have a host of problems to consider by way of location and facilities. Cycling and skiing would require equipment. Swimming needs no equipment but the swimming pool needs to be real unless the nearby river serves the purpose but that could turn out to be dangerous too.

Try to include an element of fun and adventure to keep the group occupied and enable the aerobic exercise message to reach the families, the neighbors and social networks too. A website dealing with the activities could very well ignite greater interest where you display photographs and write accounts of the different programs. When media is combined with the activities, it is bound to succeed.

Those who consider walking too ordinary would be delighted to trek in the hills or forest with cameras, nature and wildlife for company. Spend a night camping out under the stars or hire a homestay over the weekend. You would come back with batteries recharged and spiritually energized for attacking the world of work once again in right earnest.

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